Friday, May 23, 2008

Homie Times

Ahh.. life feels really so relaxed after the war against 6th sem finally comes to end...those sleepless nights, coffee mugs, tonnes of Photostats, & then the agony of still sitting in the exam hall searching for the right question to attempt..huh am finally over with all that (till the next sem at least). Now before the result strikes its terror again, within a week or so, am enjoying like nothing else, including meeting interesting people & fighting with my sis over everything & anything from sitting in the front seat of car to the IPL matches (started with supporting the Mumbai Indians & gradually shifted to the Rajasthan Royals, considering my engineering connection with the city & hence the Team Jaipur..!)
As am trying to watch all the TV I missed at hostel, & finishing off my Broadband limit at home on of course orkut & blogs,I happened to go through the Big B blog, courtesy all the publicity he gets everywhere ( & now even on my own Blog..!! ).The way his diary like blog gets updated daily, infact many times a day & the enormous amount of comments from fans for even his single line posts, it no doubt scores in a way much ahead than many of the top bloggers. Seems like a new trend is setting a way.imagine all the celebs start blogging & the page 3 reporters will be seen blogging online instead of running after
"the admired people of our country", who are now more accessible to the common junta. Truly said, internet is revolutionizing everything on this planet, including me..!!