Saturday, January 26, 2008


Staying away from a city (read as a source of interesting entertainment) usually creates an exigency of freaking out completely, so one needs to search out for places you could hang around. Even the big Internet world has its virtual limitations .I had already cut off ‘nearby cha-cha’s & bua’s places’ long back (no offences..!!) as it eventually increases the ‘i-wanna-g0-home’ craving in me, fact & very true. So when Shilpi suggested visiting some “actual Rajasthan” around us, I agreed the very moment.

Instant assignments, surprise quizzes, unpredictable happenings have really increased our quickie planning power well. So all dressed & packed 4 of us put on our tourist’s shoes all the way to interior rural Rajasthan-Fatehpur , mind you not the famous Fatehpur-Sikri of UP .

Fatehpur happened to be a beauteous small town of exquisite havelis (the royal big houses of rich merchants dating back to even the silk route).Some of them even being renovated by a French group we could meet .The grand bawri’s though quite abandoned quite like the ones shown in movies & of course we couldn’t spot much of ghosts around as the tales go. Camels, vivid local colors & most of all the hospitality of people around completed our package thus creating another great memory.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Since officially my placement preparations are on

I happen to glance through lotsa biographies. Thankfully the college library got something more than just not-so-good-stuff (read it course books).So, the one thing I could find common to all was this:

1. Keep no limits and you find yourself breaking your own records (it happened; like I had never imagined breaking college’s dress code for continuous big 20 days) till there is no one who can break yours (still didn’t happen though) as it did happen to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Helen Keller, Nadia Comaneci etc to name a few.

2. Dream the impossible if you have got the guts to practically achieve it & dream even if you are out of any hopes that’s because you will eventually get the required courage to implement it in action. Forget what people tell you, it’s none of your business if they are none of yours.

3. You need to get out of your comfort zone, the daily ‘it-should-happen-this-way-coz-it-always-happens-this-way syndrome. It’s only the inertia part which is difficult like getting up early for that extra class you have no interest to attend, the rest isn’t as unmanageable as it is prejudiced.

4. To enjoy more, spend more.

To spend more, earn more.

To earn more, learn more coz if you could read this than that’s what you are being paid for , the value you create for yourself ,for the knowledge you have


The day was different. I had a feeling commonly used to have long back, in skool to be precise, going on stage to get a prize…seems like I have literally stopped doing any good stuff after getting into e n g I n e e r I n g.

However going down through a bad phase does teach you a lot; let me get it down clear:

If you are going through a low, I apologize its really bad, agreed & no one (believe me not even your parents/closest buddy) knows what a shit you are in, so it makes things worse confronting all this exclusively.

So foremost what you do is plainly swallow it (like a bad hostel mess formulation),accept the situation & stop opposing something you can’t change as it’s already destined (okay now am sounding like Paulo Coelho again but than that’s true coz’ I did that mistake for a long time..! it has taught me)

However a good point is that you are lucky to see both the sides of life, sooner the better as the level gets tougher as you clear them & that is what makes it all interesting.

I mean imagine if I would have remained to be a padhakoo types I would have missed millions of amazing other things around. So when they say there is something good behind every bad, there actually is something, just help yourself find it and you already see yourself getting out of the mess(must add before entering another one).As the song goes:

This is for the ones who stood their ground

For Tommy and Gina who never backed down

Tomorrow's getting harder make no mistake

Luck ain't even lucky

Got to make your own breaks

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Unthoughtfully Thoughtful.

This happens every spring semester. We get an unexpected, unofficial week off in college; I have no chance of going home while people around me rush home ASAP, & am left in my all-for-me hostel. By the way, it’s Founder’s day celebration time ,so worth attending(& unfortunately we are bribed to attend it..)!!.
The Patience stock is genuinely at its lowest & I just don’t have slightest of the idea if at all this blog of mine will enjoy any readership. Though this never deters me & I keep continuing as I decide to blog down few thoughts, which keep popping, as weird happenings keep happening:

1. Awkward Coincidence: Why do I meet the same person at same place (lets say, the college gate every time am walking in or out) the whole day or twice as & when I enter, of course it’s quite noticeable to avoid thinking it as a mere coincidence (by both the parties, I must add). It just happens. This is especially when you are avoiding the particular person (not in my case though).I wonder if it has to do something with Murphy’s law or if there is any term to it, similar to deja vu. Think about it doesn’t it happens to you?

2. It’s not snowing but believe me that’s just because maybe snow is not available(water or err snow scarcity??), as this desert is totally frigid & giving me an amazing experience I never had, of loading myself with tons of winter clothes & still keep shivering.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Moving On - The Technology Way.

Bill Gates declares the onset of the SECOND DIGITAL DECADE at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show(CES) ,since he first introduced & started talking about Digital Decade in 2001,& since then we had seen the Windows XP, come a long way to VISTA & the complete evolution of using a PC as a mere tool for emailing to being a centre for various other devices & managing them .He had a vision & he saw it coming true.Have a glance around & its apparent, technology is a very part & parcel of our lives and he continues to look forward for a future,where he just can't stop imagining and maybe that's what defines the innovators.
Thus, we have Microsoft's integrated voice-and-visual mobile service that lets people use voice commands to say what they want and see the answer on their phone's screen using the popularity gaining GPS (Global Positioning System).Imagine talking & instructing your PC.
Then there is Microsoft Surface to recognize everyday objects, as the food-pairing recommendations instantly appear infront of you as for instance by simply placing a glass of wine on the display.No chances of confusions & you get the best programmed menu options..!!

and various such software which would make people's communication,favourite contents,ability to connect all appear very natural.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Caution:Turn Ahead

Another year,another semester taking me more towards being a complete engineer.Now,this spring sem seems to be quite usual as others (though its more chilled),it infact has some really life turning experiences ahead for me & I should add this goes to all of my colleagues around.With campus recruitments around the corner,almost everyone around seems to be on the move.Newspapers,Technical articles,English,Current Affairs,Aptitude,Attitude & whatever one could think as well as could not,infact this is how it should be.After all its not exactly your hard but smart work as well that defines the luck line.(This is how the saying goes,though I am more of Murphy's Laws and luck & destiny believer).
However,there are certain important things around which are worth preparing for before hand & that's the mental preparation of facing & accepting whatever the future has in store for you & keeping a belief in oneself no matter what, of course apart from keeping eyes wide open learning from the errors committed by you and others.That's because facing the unexpected may practically make some life turning decision making difficult & that's definitely not how a career begins.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008

So here goes a belief- 'What you do the 1st day of the year,is what happens to you the rest of the year'.So let me forecast that I am only going to travel the coming year as that's what I am going to do today,travel back to my hostel,courtesy my college's strict schedule.