Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Champion in making

Now, I am not quite much into this area,though the driving , speed and the adrenalin factor involved always attracted me enough to be glued on TV sets on weekends ,when at home.However, I slowly lost whatever interest I had in it maybe due to two main reasons I could count for:
1.No more access in my hostel,as the common room TV which when in a mood to play,plays only what the majority wants & I under no circumstances come under this majority,forget about my races .
2.No more Schumi...yeah now I was a schumi fan course he made the game so much predictable yet it had its own attraction worth watching.
Yet the recent happenings in McLaren itself has made it all quite interesting to follow.With Hamilton's advantage over Alonso in Japan, making him so near towards being a World Champion that too in a rookie season,it makes the coming Shanghai race a much-awaited one .Surely, Alonso wouldn't have expected this after Schumi.

Wondering what will it be like watching the live race, a life-time opportunity I must say...maybe someday..!!!!!!

Race Circuits @ Official Formula 1 Website

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Dream Gadget

There is something uncanny about this microwave engineering class, it carries with it the same weirdness as last semester’s signal & system lectures, that is, I don’t know when & how but I get carried outside the class as soon as the prof. gets in (it makes me believe that some supernatural thing like apparition does exists in our muggle world too{ outside harry potter world I mean } which takes me Around the world – which can be hostel room , Mumbai & to diverse places but that particular day ,surprisingly I couldn’t think of any thing else but this:

Yes,the latest the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-501....Imagine no chance of any one catching what am i upto while i start converting my boring lectures to so much fun..

So I have started dreaming about gadgets too...!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hostel Lyf.

To define in my own words it’s a must have at least-once-in-a-life-time experience. Fresh out of school ,you actually take your own responsibility completely atleast that’s what it did to me once a complete muma’s, shy gal- who s got a lot many learning experiences

~ those waking awake all the night during exams ~ empty hostel corridors which sometimes make you homesick & at times make you realize the importance of much needed solitude in your life ~ late night truth & dares & movies ~roomies~ misunderstandings ~ understandings~ caring ~ much awaited homecoming ~ packing bags & then again calling friends from home saying you miss them ~ midnite B day bashes ~ pyjama parties ~ in a way making innumerable memories.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My InSti

Somewhere amidst the Rajasthan deserts (this is actually a very small place in Sikar District of Raj.,which still can’t be located on Google Earth atleast, though sounds like Luxemburg, it did not confuse me & I didn’t have slightest of disappointment about it when I got admitted into it ready for an unexpected voyage of 4 long (or short years maybe as it is turning out to be as am traveling into the last half of my electronics engineering)).Mind you this last half sounds short but it actually is 2 years long.By the way ,not only me ,even you if by any chance happen to visit it will find it not just any college as its campus distinguishes itself from any other & please don’t get me wrong am not boasting (that too about my college ,no chance) but you got to admit that its is in short can be described as A VERY BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS .

This is the pic of my college gate which I clicked from my friends hostel room as we live outside the campus.Besides,the beautiful campus there are few more things which I have started liking about this small rural place out of nowhere, frankly this was not the case of love at first sight ,especially when you work & dream about some really good institutes of India & end up falling here. I could count about these good points gradually which includes some of the very good labs, the course structure being followed ,the way they evaluate you- a hell lot neck breaking but still comparable to some of the best standards which gives you a feel-good feeling at times as for the other times you are busy getting over with assignment deadlines ,surprise viva, quizzes ,mid terms & the greatest of all end terms which leaves you dark circled sleep deprived ,tortured soul,after all 1st sem gives you a good into about what actually is engineering.

Another best part MITS introduced me to-HOSTEL LIFE to be included in the next post.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I m Back..!!

So here I am with my all new Blog after such a long break. Lemme quickly give you a brief account about my last blog which also happens to be my 1st,& which I feel I started with too early as a grade Xth student which ended up into God knows what considering my 2 soo big board exams which came on the way & off course the unforgettable IIT-JEE preparation. Then came the college & life messed up a bit with its direct consequence on my dear-the-only-one-maiden blog.So here I am with the all new thing called My Galaxy