Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Book Gyan - 1

There was a time when I read a couple of similar books all at once, back to back & understood them & loved them.Now I realize, they meant more then what I understood.Previously it was only a part & beginning of many more great understandings & would mean more as & when life goes on.

The Zahir, Paulo Coelho .. a book about 'Obsession'..would have loved to read it all over again, but all I do now is google it & read a few of it.

"It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn't matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over. Slowly, I began to realize that I could not go back and force things to be as they once were..."

"We need to forget who we are in order to become who we really are."

"God does not play dice with the universe; everything is interconnected and has a meaning. The meaning may remain hidden nearly all the time, but we always know we are close to our true mission on earth when what we are doing is touched with the energy of enthusiasm. If it is, then all is well. If not, then we better change direction."

"No one is alone in their troubles: there is always someone else thinking, rejoicing or suffering in the same way, and that gives us the strength to confront the challenge before us."

"The most satisfying encounters do not always happen around elegant tables in nice, warm restaurants."

"It is not life that matters, but the journey."

"The invisible world always manifests itself in the visible world."

"I’ve waited for you in so many ways."

At times,we usually don't realize how Lucky & Special we are & understanding that makes the difference, a lot of it !

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Birthday Gift.

2 months & 2 new metros to live in far from home.. & damn I now know why they say answer your interviews seriously coz' I had no idea then, that when exactly an year back as I boasted in my HR interview how I love traveling, they will take it so seriously. So here I am in the supposed to be 'city of Joy', the land where the sun rises up so early & I reach my office almost around mid day.Landing to this totally new city on a day when I would have rather preferred celebrating turning 22 is again like what they say ' Bad Coincidence ' !

Yellow taxis & the howrah bridge, the sweet Rasogullas & the generous Bengalis, the old trams & the beautiful hooghly.A week in Kolkata & 4 months out of college,life is getting more adventurous than what I could have ever imagined..!It teaches me more lessons & I finally learn that there are more to learn.