Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Story so far

From clicking the scenic lakes & royal palaces at Udaipur while eating home cooked-mommie made bestest food & enjoying every bit of the deary-home's as always wonderful visit with all its comforts & no work within the radius of thousand miles , living the golden dream week and then back to work with cakes & celebrations, the month was aesthetically hectic enough to make me miss my dear blog - now having completed the 3rd year of its existence & comfortable company all through out :) Cheers to My Galaxy !! :)

View of the Udaipur City from City Palace

Lake view from the Palace again

City Palace - Its Beautiful Architecture

Something is cooking Yummy at Home !

Doodhtalay (another of the many B'ful Lakes at Udaipur)

While on walk with Mom n Dad

Pichola Lake side view

My B Day !! (back at work)