Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wise & Wiser

Here it goes.The second & the last experience of season I.Short & precise & will try to be sweet !

WIMWI is beautiful.You got to see those "Red-Brick-Walls" to understand the passion it fuels in to an aspirant.However,the day was meant for MICA & hence proceeding to the same.

Day:22nd March,Sunday

At every stage of selection,MICA showed how different it is from a normal B-School & is a perfect C-School (Communications Management).MICAT actually made you think about your spouse & children's career during its written test & the Final round had to be interesting in its own way & hence making it something you can't afford to miss even after the 'second or third or many other thoughts'!
Beginning with the Group exercise unlike the B-school Group Discussions involved doing certain tasks(yep..a roadies like thingy especially when they hand you with numbered aprons as you await the unexpected instructions).However unlike the previous days we weren't exactly asked to work on some clay model but were given 10 cartoons to rank on the parameters of our choice.

The worst case scenario has always been the one when you don't know what to do.The second thoughts are the last thing on Earth you need before an Interview but so it was meant to be.Questions ranging from the general about yourself,last week's important issues to the much dreaded applications of DSP & difference between 8085 & 8086, all thanks to the ECE boldly written on the form were answered in a manner that I never imagined.I ended 'Giving Up',replying the panelists that I didn't perform upto my expectations in the Interview on being asked for any more questions before leaving.Now,they were a friendly bunch of people for a stress interview I guess, who finally smiled on listening this,assuring me & asking me more questions(smilingly of course now) on my insistence.Coming out of an Interview was never such a relief :O !

It was a one of its kind experience & an overall wonderful trip thanks to all the learning in the city I wanted to visit once.Learning about your shortcomings always maketh you wiser, more so when guided by people worth meeting who guide you exactly the way you need(describing which would be another post in itself).Everything happens for a reason would have never been truer & now I guess the post just turned serious but ...

am all ready with my reason to blame..
Its Exam time at college again
& all this rhymes at the same :D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Wishing !

Read it in a Paulo Coelho Book,The Valkyries to be precise:You must be very careful of what you desire,coz you never know when some angel listens to your wish,as in over hears it & turns it true.Strange rules of the Universe but interesting enough to make you eager to read his works.

There are 2 possibilities, either you believe in this or you don't.

The worst case,a pessimist scenario being,you just missing something better you were about receive & now you are happy with what you have, till of course you don't realize what you missed..Weird !?!

Lets assume you follow this.Traveling from Electronics to Software to Management & Advertising !The journey is more difficult than interesting it seems & you know what your are left with, Confusion..lots of it.Trust me,so keep wishing..!!

People say take a job which you enjoy & you will never have to work.Figuring out takes it all but once it is what remains is pure passion to get it.Its like listening to that voice which says, if at all am doing anything great in life, this is it & this is bliss.

Watch Nadal's grand slam win, that's the bliss am talking about :)

Zindagi Mein Koi Arzooo Kijiye
Phir Dekhiye !

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Social Networking ? Add me !

Blogging,Twittering,Orkutting & the list continues with the re-activation of my Facebook account lately.Experimenting is the word.Digital life is what we(most of us, Okay to be more honest at least me) lived here in this Beautiful No Man's Land(not that it is unoccupied as the word goes but it looks better not occupied).Yes, I confess as the Good-Bye-Forever Days come closer,I actually find my campus better.May be it was not that a bad place at all(oops.. did I just write that :-O :-P).Whatever, I love the way I lived my Virtual Life all through out.After all wasn't the virtual space used for socializing, at the first place for the very same reason.

As the Facebook story goes, Mark Zuckerberg, founder Facebook,& then a Harvard Sophomore,already past his photo sharing website Facemash, which had to be shut down by the university administration due to the security breach & the individual privacy it violated had this another next big idea.They say,Zuckerberg was blogging about some girl & was trying to do something to get her out of his mind(trust me, Wikipedia says so..!)So here he started with his Universal Platform vision,& hence the growth of the site to the level we all now know.The 18-24 age bracket is history now with almost everyone from any background & age group, from the next door neighbour to that cousin living on other part of the planet you actually never remembered meeting, from the Microsoft CEO to your school teacher or the distinct relative & finally your own parents, they all are here & so much a part of your life.So is this is the Escape route from the reality? Naah,it is as real as it can get.See you again was never so meaningfully true..!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Simply the Best

Yeah Hobbes, you tried your best to help (err..un~help) Calvin :D