Thursday, January 21, 2010

PicTurE DiArY !

My Twenty Ten Sundays are tunrning out to be more than just eventful !

3rd January 2010 :
St Xaviers, Mumbai.

10th January 2010 :
IIM C, Kolkata.

17th January 2010 :

24th January 2010 :
Jagnath Temple, Puri.

PS: CopiedWrongly Pics !

Monday, January 11, 2010

Out of 'K(no)w'-where !

oops !

now add to it..

A Little more P A T I E N C E

A Little more H O P E

A Little more Building C A S T L E S _ I N _ A I R

A little more of that (D)ILlogical F A I T H


you get to see How MIRACLES Work !

It is all about HOW BADLY YOU WANT IT !!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to Reality

It is all over the newspapers, we see it happening around, we see it in our own lives usually when we find ourselves in one of those of our 'regret modes'.

Sab chalta hai - the well famous attitude of Indians which they are well 'labeled off' that too rightly.Even when it is they themselves who suffer the most later when all we get to hear is.. if only I did that or if I acted at the right time..or if I had it to overcome the inertia & blah blah.And what are we left with, blaming the so-called never-existent (okay..mostly never existing) Luck.

In short that one moment of courage, the chance given to us which fades in our own cowardliness & doubts about the future,the unsaid words to the loved ones, the unsaid sorry which could have saved good friendships,the never made phone calls which could have the power of changing the direction of one's life, the unfilled petitions against CAT 09 !Just name it & you find things aren't so out of control as we imagine it to be.But then again it is all about those life-changing twists in our lives.

I dont say, everything is gonna dance to your tunes or acting in the 'listening-to-your-heart' way puts the world around us in a perfect order but it helps.Seriously.

This was how 09 made me wise ! Coz' 10 days into this new year & already it looks like a prologue of a roller-coaster ride ahead.

1.Being back from a really good holiday,& back to reality have their own consequences like this post :P
2. You realize your importance when people around you welcome your return whole-heartedly be it office or "Shared responsibilities" !

In the Pic :
Portals of 'The Neighborhood Sabji Mandi', A perfect Back to Reality !