Friday, February 22, 2008

Of course, its none of your interest...

VLSI is taking on my nerves. Today, when Sir went on to name some half a dozen books one after another (what else do you expect from an instructor himself pursuing his PG in VLSI) I couldn’t help annotating how it sounded more like a scene straight from a Doctor’s clinic - You can take A, & if this isn’t available go for B & referring C as well as D would be a good idea it will definitely build your concepts (ooohh really..!!), as E might be a bit difficult to grasp at your undergrad level ( as if it’s a strong medicine to be taken only for extreme cases or should I say extreme cases interested in VLSI).

I could hardly manage covering topics from a single book forget about the so many names I can’t even remember (and frankly don’t even bother to).Naah wait, I do remember one of it as Digital Integrated Circuit which I abbreviated instantaneously as my engineering mind churned & than on realizing how offensive it can be (again my engineering mind) completely scratched it off from my copy..!!

So, to avoid my usual finger-crossed-not-me-today situation during the questioning round of lecture, a unique feature of VLSI class, I decided to start with at least ‘the only one’ book of VLSI till I closed it back in 5 minutes, thanks to the loud blaring Rajasthani noise (sorry, I meant song but decided not to backspace as it naturally came on) from a nearby home. Quite unfair, in a place mid of no where, surrounded only by a college & nearby hostels a hostel is being disturbed by some residential group (minorities) that too at midnight ( & it continued for 1 complete week later).It only confirms my belief that this place has its own set of aberrant rules. Though , I did manage to escape it , thanks to my headphones & linkin park .Look my title did scream that it’s none of your interest, and yes God save me & my VLSI this sem.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

(No)stalgic already ?

Confessions first: I read it in some blog, & couldn’t resist copying it –“My future seems as clear as climax of any art movie, you actually have to ask has it ended?? ” very true indeed.

Barely a week, I got my 1st job placement (sounds so good) and I already feel such a grown up, off course nothing has changed, & I all the same find myself as blurred as I was regarding where I am heading forward to. I still struggle with my classes, labs, getting up in morning & blah blah. However, I can actually sense how serious this outside real stuff can be. 35% of my engineering still remains (approx.) & I now know the meaning of the forward I received long back in 1st year titled “4 year holiday called engineering” (too sarcastic to handle isn’t it..!!) and after that its all a professional corporate world, ready to swoop as of what it appears from here & here I am still too excited to move on & get out of this place. The numerous hearings I hear about people fretting -leaving college, farewells, nostalgia, missing hostel & all seems at least understandable to me but hold on I still will be the happiest person to move out of here..

Just cant help.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Great Conspiracy

I had the most tiring 2 days of my recent times and I had 2 most important achievements I never had before:
1.I got my very 1st job placement offer,with still 1 yr for my degree to go..!!
2.I believed in these lines ,the moment I read them(like most of the optimistic folks which we all are):-
"When you want something,the whole universe conspires
to help you achieve them... "
and now I know how exactly,the universe conspires,the coincidences & happenings actually make you feel this is how it had to & its how it is.Believe me,you believe it only when it happens to you.