Saturday, October 27, 2007

Complex ??

I went to my room & the first thing I did was to check out the actual dictionary meaning of the word ‘sophisticated’ .It was not that I was not aware of its meaning ,as I presumed it to be something high in standards & complex, as in ‘some sophisticated design’,after all that’s how we keep on increasing our vocabulary ,by presuming the word meanings as of what it could be,instead of peeping in that big-block-like-dust-covered book. However that particular day while I was trying to concentrate on my microwave engineering book in the library,thanks to the ever torturing mid sem exams heading on ,a good friend of mine sitting besides me commented out of nowhere ” know what ,you are known in our group as a very SOPHISTICATED GAL..!!” Now not used to such direct comments ,I initially didn’t know how to react that too when I was trying very hard to figure out what was written in the book & recollect what the teacher was trying to teach, so I could just manage a smile followed by a small thank you for letting me know that.
I also m trying to observe changes around ,this time to be included as my post when exams stand up infront of you like a big monster.

(By the way , am still trying to figure out what it could have meant,out of its various meanings, when used to describe me .)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Great Indian Odyssey

Following the Indian tradition of following the west, we Indians are into an all new Idea of the ODYSSEY YEARS as can be seen from the fact that the newspaper dailies these days keep pouring in some matter in their op-ed about this ‘latesht hap’ topic (so all I could do was add it as my yet another post.)

David Brooks, the New York Times Columnist appositely coined this as the phase between adolescence & adulthood, something which barely existed just a generation back but can be very finely found, peculiarly when you see about you, as almost every one today is well aware of their own ideas & believe in the mantra of living-your-own-life-your-own-way. Adventure, Lots of Risk-taking, Confusions , from giving up to giving a chance, beginning afresh, or trying out something new, switching fields there is a lot many more things an individual would like to pursue before taking up any obligations of what we define an adult. No doubt, the Indian family has always played a very crucial role in an individual’s life , especially the life-turning decisions you ought to take as a grown up & it always will ,still people are now more aware of heeding to their dreams & career needs more than anything else ,(especially talking about the metros & the 2-tier cities) , giving a way to a more confident cognizant personality .Thus, looking forward towards my odyssey as justly quoted, “I don’t know where I am directing for, but just can’t wait to get there.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

results awaited, fingers crossed

This is what you get when you try to show up your creativity & photoshop skills in a college event,with your roomie..Thanks to the so-called horror movie we watched last night ,seems like it reflected well in our work..!!We were provided with many pics ranging frm Aish,Abhi to Federer,Indian Cricket team & cartoons,so we kinda selected what suited us the most ..yeah Cartoons( can't help),used our tricks & this is what we could finally manage...

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Well ,the actual word is Insomniac..!!It is what I become when I realize lying on my bed that its over one full hour ,got a full day schedule tomorrow & still am doing nothing,that's what I call one of my VOID MOMENTS...& this further takes any remaining sleep away.So this Catch-22 situation is not actually I care about but its after effects when one tries to keep eyelashes from closing down the whole next day.
So,winters have arrived with me arguing this time its early (as usual),exam times approaching,me trying hard to begin with my so-defined-as MBA entrance preparations ,though am still sure as death MBA is not for me & me not for MBA either but this is what I can do till I don't decide what to do & me still hoping on Hamilton after his exit at chinese grand prix.Basically its not him, am not any hard-core Hamilton fan,but atleast he is providing a good competition to Alonso..
Will add more to this post as it is Sleepy Time Now..!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Romance with Google

It started all the way back when I was into my 1st year of teen.I don't know how it actully started but knew it for sure that it had along way to before it starts sounding like an actual love story ......
It began as my gateway to the Internet world...the 1st encounter , being a netizen.
I remember being saved by it several times as it got in it everything I wanted to know about starting from my class assignments initially to the google earth till date which lets me peep into my B Bay home, mile away any instant to any place around the globe .The speed & variety it offers,must say a rare combination of Quality & Quantity.
More lately the GTALK , GMAIL , PICASA , G VIDEOS , G TRANSLATES, G IMAGES , G DESKTOP ,G EARTH & not to be forgotten BLOGGER ( all this makes me feel my life revolves more around google than any thing else lately ) and soo many more 'G' words, which u got to learn about as you keep discovering its upcoming facilities.


Know your Google's History
Google Hoaxes (too interesting)
Google Technology
How to use Google

So...Happy Googling..!!!!