Monday, October 26, 2009

Once Upon a Time

Those were the good old days of 'My galaxy' when I just wanted to post anything,just for the sake of updating didn't matter if the lines hardly made any sense,mattered to anyone or not but these few bytes lying in this big blogosphere just used to make my day,it just somehow got me those 'feely-goody' feelings.

A friend correctly remarked, just blame it to your location nothing else..Such was 'Lakshmangarh', slow & comfy zone far away from any maddening city & honestly boringly comfortable & monotonous..Looking at the pace of life now,& the drastic change the job brings in,all reminds me of those before and after hair-loss adds.Meeting new people, spending like I was born to spend,(pretending to)Work like am working since ages & Holidaying like never before,no doubt life comes in chapters of all types & at the end its all about being able to appreciate these flip of pages :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Life..Live it !

Things are improving.Time does that.

I no longer need to log on to Wikimapia every time I hear about some landmark in Kolkata & calculate the distance & time to reach it.
I now understand the tricks & tips of waiting in the long shared auto line & have more excuses of reaching office late than I could ever think of while bunking lectures at college !
I think & plan less about how to run away from this city.
(I actually have a plan for it now to work upon)
I & people around me have more confidence in my culinary skills now.
I can actually understand all those alien-language-codes you we see while installing somethings.
I exit things which make me feel bad.
I click things if I like them even a little (Things Only !! :P)

This is the view outta my office window,that's where I stay mostly these days.. outta 'My Windows' :P

My 1st ever rented room's terrace Garden :)

My landlord's Meow,posing for me :D

The Calcutta Sunset during my Office break :)

I am proving myself to be a perfect hopeless optimist !