Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My favourite June

I have backspaced, I have drafted my posts & have done all that could be on my page except posting a new post.A lot has happened over 1 month & I still have to pinch myself to believe what is happening around.Feelings escape words & at this point of time,I wouldn't have loved this Alchemist saying more,When you really desire something all the Universe conspires to help you achieve it.

It is like dancing in the first awaited rain while feeling everything around smell heaven, or listening to your favorite tune again & again with headphones on & no one to disturb after dinner of a big day or like wanting to jump off the plane as you see the city lights approaching even as the attendant announces that the flight is about to land :) or jumping on your bare feet at a fresh morning on an exotic beach as the cold and clear waves make a relaxing splash as you feel with your closed eyes or able to afford a little more of that beautiful peaceful sleep in the morning as you snooze the alarm for over an hour on a Late-office Monday Morning ! It is like being alive again & living the definition of being Euphoric !Being thankful & so full of gratitude to be lucky enough to it.Touchwood !