Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Truth, Tooth & Trouble

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to develop and appear in the mouth. They are called "wisdom teeth" because they usually appear during a person's late teens or early twenties, which has been called the "age of wisdom" .
No doubt,nature has its own perfect timings, a good reality check when you think the chapter on 'Confusions' just got over & you realize it was just a prologue.

& to add,they usually cause more problems than any other teeth in the mouth.

Ignorance no doubt, has always been a Bliss & whoever ate that 'Apple of wisdom' & hence the beginning of all the troubles, am sure was inspired by this wisdom tooth,any weird connection you see?
If not am sure, there is no sem end exam you are facing in the nearest future..!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Smile :)

A Smile can turn you beautiful,
so what is it that made you beautiful today ?

(with no specific order)

~ A phone call from a long lost friend.
~ Words of appreciation from your parents, the golden 'am-really-proud-of-you' words.
~ A really good movie with some great company.
~ A beautiful, bright shooting star at hostel terrace, with friends, on a dark night, all spotting it together..!
~ Mocking about the screwed college rules with pals.
~ Watching the Sea-side sunset on a 'finally-here-comes-my-weekend' Saturday evening (would even do if your neighbor's terrace replaces the Sea though !!)
~ Finally accepting the deadlock & all conclusions & smiling after a big long fight.
~ Making someone know that they look good when they actually seem good..(hain !?!Is that you.. ;)
~ Good Food at hostel mess..(naah..this one is thoda less probable though)
~ Finishing-off a half read good popular book..so that you can later boast..arey you didn't read it yet.
~ Getting a comment on your post from a silent reader of your blog :)

& who says you need a reason to smile..people around me have taught me to smile even at all the wrong times.. :D

Keep Smiling..!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Book Break

There are times when you are actually behind a good book & at times it is the book which finds you.Better if it is the latter case as you are well assured that you won't be disappointed as it was 'meant' to be read by you(a conclusion derived after applying my pure Paulo Coelhian theory,& am very high on them especially when exams are anywhere around & at a place called 'my college',this is the Default Mode,well almost..!).
So here I was luckily introduced to a really refreshing book at my Uncle's Place, by Advaita Kala, an avid blogger who makes you engrossed in her beautiful story, 'the-one-go-book' types, even if that involves 99% probability of getting thrown out of the class or at the risk of waking up people around you as you giggle out at yet another of her funny narration,a bit too loudly.
'Almost Single' reviewed as the Desi Version of 'Bridget Jones Diary' involving the perspective of a single women in her late twenties & funny nuances about the lives of those around her.With stuff like lots of Romanticism,Wine Tasting,Karva Chauth,the corporate life & a Chetan Bhagat like, it is worth a grab.

Quoted from the Book:
Sometimes, life is like a book.You can get so desperate to reach the end of the story that you conveniently skip a couple of Chapters.However, when you do get to the end, you are left with this icky restless feeling, to go back to those missing chapters before you can close the book.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The day after D Day

After the overall JEE 05 ordeal , there was just a thing I was sure of, am never gonna give another huge thing called CAT but life as usual has her own plans.Courtesy, the IT jobs which took me in with quite an ease,the danger they are posing now & the old habits die hard syndrome of 'i-like-stormy-sea'.I too unsurprisingly, got caught in this challenge & all the excitement of MOCKS & here I am with my own CAT post.
After all not everyone has it to start it all over again after accepting a defeat, just like everyone doesn't have the guts to follow their conscience in this 'big-bad-selfish-world'...err back to my original topic.

So here is what I have all about it:

My most important lesson:
Mocks are totally different & actual CAT is CAT.The pressure this name carries with it is totally not over-rated.

My First Reaction:
Maths & English, how can they be so easy, after all it is CAT, only DI was actually the CAT types..!

After Listening to a couple of friends:
Hmm..maths was tricky, but do i have the courage to find out if it actually tricked me.

Almost before sleeping:
I can't sleep without checking my score, back to work.

After initial analysis:
Woah..!! Maths Cracked(almost)..!DI screwed(mismanagement), Verbal though moderate, fingers(all possible) crossed,& who believes Coaching Institutes for the VA key, its one & only the IIMs which define the final key(too optimistic !?!)

Of course am not into the big-league,still far below it but not a bad 4 month prep..(after all such posts are for self pat...ain't so?)
The season has just begun & so has the dreaded & better avoidable love affair with CAT.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wake me up when...

Lotsa History creating epochal moments lately...
US gets its 1st Black president meanwhile India reaches a step closer to Moon, & here I am busy sharpening my pencils...some one is busy finally..!!better than those good old days of confusions at least !
Countdown begins,fingers crossed, hoping to convert one of the coming sundays into a life changing one..or am i really?? huh..life needs them & looks better with some confusions to add spice always.. :)