Monday, March 24, 2014

MBA happened

I always wondered what happened to people who suddenly stopped blogging and used to post a once-out-of-blue post about regretting not able to blog and blah blah. Well, I just seemed to have cracked the mystery. They get boring. Period. Well for me, MBA happened. Almost.So I have a lot and lot of stuff to blog about now. Umm.. atleast I can follow my 'fake it until you make it' advise here.And I definitely have a list of what did happen and what I understood out of it. So here goes a list of gyan.

1. "Don't be scared of making mistakes" -- I remember, a week into the course, a guest faculty did tell us the same. These 2 years make as many mistakes as you can, you have paid for it and you can afford to! I guess it was a paisa vasool for me that case :P

2. "You don't have to take everyone seriously" -- and that sums up what they say about making choices in life.

3. "All's well that ends well" --  The Job, in a word.That's the only thing you went for an MBA at first place.

4. "It's ok to clear some misconceptions" -- and to add to it, there's something to learn from everyone, good or bad let's not get into that but keep your eyes and ears open. It's an awesome self-discovery process, an expensive one to add. And knowing more about yourself, your weakness and strengths -- the actual ones not the ones filled in form in these 2 years is not that a bad idea.

5. "Know your worth and never lie to yourself" -- No one can value or know you more than yourself ever ever. The trick is never to forget the same.