Friday, December 31, 2010

Rapid Fire 2010

Fun, lies & Adventure..
His Mom knows it too Moment !
Traveling Places..< including IIM C >
Hating Job & Searching Job..
Listening to your Heart & fighting to stick to it..
Living the dream...
Spending the 1st ever Job Bonus that day itself Completely, Flat, Straight, Insanely on expensive Flight tickets !
Moving into a Beautiful Flat, with a wonderful flatmate..
Leaving Kolkata..!!
Being back to Hyd..!!
New Project..
New Language which I didnt hate as much as the Prev one..
Clarifying things around !
Creating New Memories
Rejecting Calls..
Getting more addicted to Gmail/FB/etc etc..
Travelling in "Actual Chauffeur-Driven Cabs"
Reconnecting with friends..breaking a Bad ''must-break" Friendship !
Living the whole life in a single moment..
Realizing & accepting things.. B E A utiful things
Attending Weekend Classes after a Long Long time..
Remembering Kolkata days on a Bad day & feeling good about how present can't be worse than that :)
Eating a Lott & learning how to eatt MORE..!
Getting Admitted at Hospital for an infection..
Adding Manager on FB (oh did i miss adding papa on FB moment !)
Missing a really Good IIFT call by silly 1.5..
Being with mom on 31st Dec..
Still struggling for XAT on new year's eve !!
Eyes wide open for a very life changing first week & first month of 2011

& blogging as long as I can ! :D
in short living a no-regrets-year !

Wish you too a Happy No-Regrets-Successful-Smiling-2011 :D