Monday, December 14, 2015


23rd November 2008

8 am, Cold Chilly Foggy Sunday Jaipur Morning 

Why did I fill this form up, just because the words " International" and "Business" on the brochure looked good | Chacha dropping me off to an old government army school, am sure he might be thinking the same | Why is this place so crowded

11 am, Army Public School, Jaipur

Scribbling on my rough papers on the rickety SMALL school bench | What? is it 1 hour  already?! How the hell is anyone supposed to solve the remaining paper in next 1 hour

22nd November 2009

5 pm, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 

The paper had sectional cut offs | Forget preparing, I should have at least read the instructions well | Why on Earth do they keep sectional cut offs |Which era does this B-school lives in | Not even checking answer key

25th November 2010

10 pm, Hyderabad

Read every possible article and discussion available on the internet about today's paper | Not bad | I am so in between the cut offs | It's going to be a tough long wait for the results

10th December 2010

10 am, NIMS Hyderabad

In between the tranquilizers and painkillers | Cranky in my hospital bed | Desperate to know the result | Hanging between the cut offs | Missed by a 1.5 | Silly Me | Sleeps back again

14th Dec 2011

1 pm, IBM Hyderabad

Results Declared | Cut Off - 44.92 | My Score - 45.49 |  I am converting it. Period

(4 years later)

14th Dec 2015

11 pm, Bangalore

Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard said way back in 19th century, that life can only be understood living backwards.Steve Jobs did make the statement connect, some years back.

I could have worried about the 100s of facts around me at that time or the 1000s of people scoring better than me in the written or the fact that selection process doesn't give much weight-age to the later rounds, but then I would have choosen a parallel universe, which I don't even want to think about now ;) 

At the end it's all worth the efforts, it's a splendid maze where all the ways are beautiful in it, but you carve the way out of it which you want to and when you look back to connect the dots, it carves itself out differently and extravagantly and turns out to be the right one :)

Monday, December 7, 2015

The view

To live a decade in a year and a year in every moon cycle,
Of exploring genres of extreme music, people, places and careers all together
From sipping the exquisite wine around the poshest of people in that tiny shiny dress
To satiating hunger in a dhaba after trekking out of a treacherous cave in the rugged years old jeans
To searching for peace in the chaos around to creating chaos in the unexpected peace
From highs to lows and lows to highs
I hope streak of these happenings continue as I see the next year rushing to come by
Because to live a decade in a year, you live many lifetimes in a single life