Thursday, June 7, 2012

This June reminds me..

They say, as a kid we all have that one nightmare we remember. I am not sure if this goes true for sweet dreams too but this post is about one I had when I was small.

As a kid we so loved receiving gifts packed in those shiny starry gift wrappers. Wait. We still love that , don't we? And we will continue doing that. The surprise of getting something new from family or a friend! 

I remember a short & sweet dream I had long long back. I was sleeping in my parents room when I wake up 'in' my dream (refer Inception!) & see lots of gifts packed in shiny blue wrappers in front me, kept on mum's dressing table. Different-sized boxes but all shining in blue, just for me to go & open!!

But then I wake up on mum's call (the actual one) & as I go out sleepy head, all my gifts just disappear :( Too bad that mum called me, was it just a dream?! The sleepy head in me says - No Grl! You came out & so they disappeared, you go in & you will still find them all lying there on the dressing table.
So, I go back inside & sleep again. And Voila! The gifts are actually back again!! :D

This happened one more time till I realized it actually was a dream silly. Whattay heartbreak :| Will that qualify as a sweet dream at first place? Did I just say this June reminds me of this same dream which I would rather go back & complete instead of waking up to July.
P.S. With life going at its usual pace & nothing much changing,  except of course the Spanish fever which has considerably come down now, I find myself in the good-old-abstract mode.