Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Who could not move my cheese?

 The corporate system we have created is too intricate and entrenched to simply press a 'refresh' button. From the earliest days of schooling, we instill in children a predisposition to conform to the corporate paradigm of teamwork over individual initiative. This often rewards the most assertive voices, rather than the most insightful thinkers. Remote working challenges this norm, allowing a more meritocratic and inclusive environment.

Similarly, the financial investment in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) by major financial institutes is so substantial that it has become a barrier to even considering a work-from-home culture. But we must pause to ask ourselves, 'Who will pay for the default loans of vacant office spaces?' Moreover, 'At what cost?'

Are we mortgaging the future of our children? We are consuming vast quantities of fossil fuel and precious time commuting to places of work for tasks that could just as effectively be performed from home. All this, in the name of collaboration, which, with the advent of modern digital technology, is becoming increasingly accessible and efficient remotely.

Imagine a future where people travel for hours, only to log into a metaverse and meet colleagues from around the world. It's a future tinged with irony, but one that also hints at the potential absurdity of our current path. A path that, if continued, threatens to consume resources needlessly, contributing to the significant climate challenges we face.

The madness of unnecessary travel and over-reliance on physical office space must be examined in the context of a changing world. A world where digital collaboration is not only possible but often preferable. A world where the environmental implications of our choices today will shape the lives of future generations.

It's time for a critical reassessment of our corporate culture, a culture that should evolve to reflect our technological capabilities and our moral responsibilities. The stakes are high, but the rewards are equally significant. Embracing remote work, rethinking our investments, and fostering a system that values the quality of ideas over the volume of voices can not only enhance our present work culture but also protect the world our children will inherit. It's a future worth fighting for, and the time to act is now."