Sunday, May 29, 2022


Flashback: Seems like it was only a few days back, when blogs were a newbies. In a world sans the social network, or mobile apps, i would happily spend hours, sitting in the middle of no where (aka my engineering days) browsing through the then old internet and going through blogs. And i had some favorites which i resonated with and some which i looked upto. One of them blogged about their kid (aka some form of the present day social media :P) And i always imagined to blog till then (the closest i ever had imagining of an offspring, till i actually had one!)

So here I am. New wine, in a new bottle and not just the galaxian i started with but parent to this adorable baby, and now toddler, who helped me discover this me. This new person who had rediscovered her long lost singing voice back, from lullaby to limericks, for this little human. This new me has also discovered tons of love, energy, patience, resilience, multitasking, and what not, every single day, and moment. To live life as one moment at a time, to plan it to the seconds (yes the seconds ticker in my watch is now super useful), to hack like never before. To the whole new world!