Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Day That Year !

I always wondered, why do newspaper even have to put such a column every day, may be just to ostentate their old glory & heritage, as they say, like TOI even once boasting about their news published  "this day that century"  just to patronize its once considered rival DNA. Interesting as it turns out always, there indeed has to be something interesting that did happen at least in some of the years ago, but on that particular day !

I too had this small flashback of my life & woah any normal day like Today did have interesting things to flash !

An year back, on this day, I had just celebrated a first of its kind Diwali & had just shown first of its kind of courage (that too in tonss..!! another long story) & ahh.. how life was different at that time, back at Kolkata. Leaping back further an year, the bad  old days of counting weeks and days to go home from college, back at Lakshmangarh !

Reflecting back at this rear view mirror,at least gives me one important insight "How life changes" (read changes drastically in the  last 3 years) & how beautiful & "complicated" it keeps getting :)), &  how every year what I wanted badly gets approved & granted the next year Lol & of course how unpredicatble it is for next years to come ! When next year some day I get some similar thought & make you read all this !

Disclaimer : Blame this post to my Monday Blues at work !!