Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy New Year ?

Dear 2011,

I knew you were going to be the difficult one.I mean, especially after the beautiful & dreamy (bed of roses & little thorny) 2009 & 2010, you had to be a practical one & you are not leaving any doubt about that but wasn't it getting too much.Of course, am not alone.Saurav Ganguly & the WWW - World Wide Weather (with excess snow, floods & extreme temperatures) in general too hold the same opinion about you & some similar feelings.

Well, after some major attacks on the Personal, Career & Health Front during the first 2 weeks, yours truly totally wanted to skip you completely & directly jump to the doomsday year & had even got it declared on FB with 12 instant supporting comments too ! but then.. she had luckily watched few movies like The Shawshank Redemption & fortunately enough remembered some lines as ~ "Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things , and no good thing ever dies" & soo wanted that the things would turn around & ...... voila ! you did surprise me on one of the most unexpected front - Yearly Office Ratings !! I mean my dear 2011 I liked it, your charms of surprising me, of course I deserve that & happily accept it.. but I wanted to use that at the Personal Front the most right now ! Not the ratings silly but the luck !!

Didin't get me ?

Alright, there is a funda.. you get it while reading a Paulo Coelho book. It says, we all have a fixed amount of luck with us given for a particular life or may be an year or month, I mean whatever the basis be, luck comes in a tight sealed fixed quantity bottles & the faster you use it, the faster it gets over ! Hence the emotions above..

In short, am not expecting much but please don't trouble me that much !

Yours Truly
Galaxian !

Anyway, if you have managed to read all this & reached here.. Wish you a great '18 days into the now-not-so-new' new year, with bottles full of luck :) Bad timings I know, even the new year resolutions must be long forgotten by now but again I can safely blame the delay to 2011 again.

PS : Self Realization : This year, I badly need to add few drops of luck into this Blog too !