Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saturday Quickies

The last week had been very interesting and nostalgic. All I could think of was Mr. Sharma's sales class during my B School stint. That was the nostalgic part. Interesting part was how the things (or rather gyan, for the lack of better words),  I learnt in his class were a 180 degree opposite view of how things actually are! It broke so many of the preconceived notions away, one by one, a few short months into my new stint, that I have to blog about it like a travelogue, like here: 
  • It takes you to the heart of "A Business" 
  • You see where the actual talks take place, ideas are discussed and things happen live
  • You live outside the computer screen not merely on the MBA styled xls/ppt
  • It is one of those areas where you knowingly / unknowingly , apply the things from those big sleepy B school Classes and Case Study discussions and apply strategies from random areas
  • In my 4 years of varied career roles ranging from coding mobile apps in the beginning to presenting FTE reduction gyan to executives till now, am amazed how I had never applied so much of my brain ever!
  • You learn a lot about human psychology
  • You unlearn a lot about communication and lack of it and forms of it
  • You meet people, lots of them, different kinds, and learn a lot
  • It is a world in your platter in true sense with an empty canvas on how you deal with things in your own true way
  • It makes me write such blog posts even on a late Saturday evening
First of the (hopefully) many Sales Diaries to come on the way!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Gatecrashing a RoadTrip

That's what heights of desperation can do on a nothing-else-to-do extended weekend 

Jog Falls
Western Ghats
Somewhere in South Goa
DDLJ Almost!
Swimming at DudhSagar
Road in the RoadTrip
CastleRock, KA

Kulem, Goa

Can't say how to Gatecrash a trip but this post can definitely show its worth :)