Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tengo una tercera lengua

No this post & blog remain to be in English and the post title is in Spanish.

As the confusion of my MBA Plans continue with 'The' B School following my confusions my way, puts me at a not-so-good-unpredictable Wait List number, I had to find something to distract me off & work was definitely not winning this one. My motivation level to work remains confused too, courtesy again my being Wait Listed at my sole good Call! Now avoiding any further cribbing, and getting back to the original story. I joined a friend who was about to start with his Spanish Classes. And you bet, I love my decision.

Apart from finally learning a 3rd language, learning how to learn a language is beautiful, it is something which was done decades back, as an infant of course. Suddenly I feel like an intellectual when it comes to Spanish songs/movies or even few FB pages I have liked (to flaunt of course :P) as if Shakira & Ricky Martin spanish songs are on my fingertips when in actual I struggle with the verb & tense forms in the class.

However it is doing me good in ways more than one. I can run away from office EARLY! (read before the sunset) as I rush for the evening classes - something I have never done ever in my IT career - which in Kolkata just couldn't happen, courtesy the early sunset & was not really needed in Hyderabad. I also got to meet many new people strictly not from the usual IT/engineer crowd. No doubt B Schools crave for diversity (but in their own screwed up ways of course). However, most importantly, my 'traveling to new places & knowing about new people & culture' wish - a part of my once made, incomplete 'bucket list' got rekindled (or got a kick as this recently watched Telugu movie would like me to believe) & how did learning Spanish achieve that? All thanks to my cute Venezuelan teacher as I learn it straight from the horse's mouth. Damn, can  that phrase be even used here for her. Languages you see!

Anyway, in case you managed to reached the end of this post, you deserve a good listen!

Now you know whom to contact for translations ;)