Friday, January 23, 2009

Experienced !

Its like any other game, lets say Basket Ball for that matter.

You keep on analysing,planning out your own strategies,identifying strong & weak areas, working on them suitably and practising your moves like rehearsing for the D day, the only difference being that instead of the Basketball & a court it is a game of HB pencils,rough papers & Excel sheets.There are mocks for any experimentation & comparisons,about how to put all those practice to test yourself, to make suitable changes & prepare for the final match.

Now,the word 'final match' itself conveys it all as test day is like an actual game day,you got to give your best against the team in front of you,with all that pressure around of compressing the complete preparation into just a 150 minutes show & with a confident mind along with an attitude of 'this-has-to-be-my-day' & then enjoying the complete thing.

Thanks to the flukes & something called 'preparation',if that existed amidst all the chaos called 'my college' & 'my hostel life' & Biggie confusions like 'Do I really need an MBA?',here I complete my season 1 with no calls(yet) at 95ish & 88ish in CAT & XAT & 2 rejects (yep, the IITs again).

Heard this before..Experience is what you get ,when you don't get what you want (& what was that at the 1st place ? ? :D )

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Its Obama Everywhere

As the world watched in awe,the 44th US president took his vows & creates history of being the 1st American-African President of the oldest democracy.The way media puts it,Great Expectations await him as a celebrity president of a celebrity culture of the most powerful nation going through some difficult times.No doubt, he has made many promises & its only time which tells if he is as good a politician as an orator but as of now the mere fact of him taking in the position has given the Americans,a new ray of hope as was clearly evident from the number of people who attended the ceremony in the chilling winter, the most ever.

Watching the complete ceremony of the inauguration day itself makes one feel what a responsibility it is to be in President's shoes & especially given his background, it inspires a many as he makes it clear,nothing can stop you when you really aspire to achieve great heights.May be this is what they meant, when they say, Sky is the limit.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spell "Disaster"

It couldn't have been worse.With India's 4th largest software exporter, Satyam Computers all over in news for all the wrong reasons,2009 turns out to be a bad start for Indian IT industry.
Though people are talking about prospects of IT cos remaining unaffected,as Large overseas companies still need to cut costs, and India retains its preference,the Stock market revealed a different saga as it just took 2 weeks for this 2 decade old company to spiral down(the company's share plummeted a record 78 % in a day),as the founder, Ramalinga Raju confessed of blowing up figures up to 5 times to show enhanced profit of Rs 7200 Crores of Rupees.In the recession affected industry,where job scenario already looks so bleak,around 53000 Satyam employees have already pressed the panic button, with recruitment sites getting over 18,000 CVs in a single day, all from Hyderabad.
As the corporate governance comes into question, the Indian business ethics need to be revised.Apart from the investors & employees,it is the brand India image which has been affected the most.India didn't really deserve this 'Enron level magnitude' scandal, at this point of time.
No, doubt the only thing certain about future is uncertainty..!