Friday, June 27, 2008

A month of Eye Openers

Heard lately, an airplane originally heading towards Mumbai almost overshoot its destination,as the blame game points to the pilot & th co-pilot sleeping in the cockpit..! and I thought it was only me who sleeps to miss lectures & deadlines. Eye opener for the travelers.Every one has his share of realizations, I too had mine.Lots of them.

My ongoing summer training at an esteemed telecom company taught me a lot,like how engineers apply their engineering (I was like wow..!! what we study is actually of use somewhere..) & many technical stuff but most importantly how it actually inspired me to seriously think about PG, & fuelled my CAT preparations.Add to it the so-termed ,self-rated good start at AIMCATs.It actually is like being a part of a "weekly reality game show".So this 'seeming' to be interesting game begins now as finally the going nowhere boat of my life atleast look towards joining the crowd heading towards November like every year.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

On the MOve

Too many so-called blog able things happening to be blogged about, yet the posts seem to be waiting for their turns as the drafts keep on collecting.That has never happened before, but than I never had a summer training earlier & that too at my own city (again need to add so-called). Life now also includes lotsa traveling in the local trains, getting jammed in The Traffic Jams on the western express highway, & no doubt with all that miles of walking, running & many other things you happen to experience if working at Mumbai and not just visiting home during breaks but as they say, no pain no gain.