Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chrome Powered

Besides being blazing swift,smart looking & intelligent (yes, its the browser am talking about..!). it seems to have some good humor too..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Its Okey !

Excerpts from Luke Kenny's Interview (& agreed upon by me)

Its all right to

~Listen to any kind of music and not have to worry about peers and their choices. All those people who ever told you, ‘Ooh you listen to death metal, or Metallica, or Mohammed Rafi...’, just tell them to shut up!
~Never ever think about what others are thinking about you! It’s okay to be a fashion victim and not worry about it.
~Have a crush on anybody and everybody all the time.
~What you want to be. It’s okay to be a fashion designer and not an engineer even if you have an engineer’s degree!

(added by me)

~Be confused at times, it only means you are considering in all the possibilities, don't worry about the time it takes, its all of your life.
~Be afraid , after all courage is not about being fearless but overcoming your fears.
~Accept the imperfections in your life, that's what makes us all human.
~ Follow your heart, even if it makes no sense to people around.(as in blog about anything..!)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Overcoming Boasters ?

We all hate boasters..but they are unavoidable...
So what do you do about them??

I Blog them..!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Ever wondered how beautiful the world would have been, if Pandora didn't open the box full of all those insects of negative feelings...huh what am I talking about in this age of instant dating,when you can delete & add a friend by one-click, but the problem is feelings still remain & leaves us teary-eyed & with lot many experiences as this

To a betrayal from my friend
That demon from the hell
If ever I have cursed her
I take my curses back

For there is no more bitterness
To know that whom you trust
And to see that whom you believed
Was someone you knew not

Can you feel a pain of all the pains
More than the pain of death
For after that you feel the scar
Of what you think is dead

What may I deserve for this
I do not understand
And this friend brought to me
All her pain and harm

I had caught her when she fell
Her troubles I did strain
When she made a fool of me
I just silently wept

She stuck all the knives to me
When all should have stabbed her
I thought of her, all my days
When she thought none of me


1. No comments for this post please.
2. I am not a poet,not yet turned into one & I still believe in the power of

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kakorrhaphiophobia - wtf ?

It is 6th September, some 2 months for CAT,& am hardly studying,except for giving the mocks, which i enjoy giving.Maybe it satisfies my deep hidden ego somewhere, somehow.So here as i look at the JMET 2009 admission site, now accepting applications, all i can do is wonder "Should i apply ??".

Reality hits hard.Its easy to hate your college & dream to get into those amazing B-school campuses,that i-gonna-take-revenge attitude, supported by a decent mock score which instills in a feeling of 'work harder, you may get into that golden league of so-termed lucky people'.But what is difficult is the reality to actually work hard on it.Dedication is still missing & the most important the 'spark' to do it no matter what & courage which doesn't care about the failures.

Yes, I confess the word is Kakorrhaphiophobia ~ Fear of Failures or Defeat & it is proving out to be as dangerous as any other of those phobia lists.It can finish off a relationship even before it starts.It can bury a realizable dream in its premature stage,something as heartless as crushing that small bud of rose before it blossoms into one of the most amazing beauties of nature.It can direct you & say, why do you want to work when you know it won't be completed & worst of it, it supports the pessimistic attitude which takes you no where in life.

But wait who said fears can't be conquered,isn't an air-flight more exciting when you have acrophobia to conquer over & prove yourself.Who knows there is another lesson in teaching,the coming few months beacause 'Life is too short & there is a lot to enjoy & learn'.So, the mode remains 'OPTIMISTIC'.ONLY ACTIONS NO EMOTIONS..!!

B: Aren't you afraid going out fishing during such a stormy weather, rough sea?
A: Yes, I am.It scares the crap out of me..!
B: Then how do you still manage to venture out ?
A: Its good, am soon running out of all the stock of crap inside me. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

H B D Post

We ourselves deserve our own love & care as much as others do & a small bandwidth of space (with an equally ironic name, in this case) can be a good gift to oneself.

Penning down whatever crossed through my mind & reading through it all again is like shutting down all those windows & tabs of exams, project deadlines, report submissions, result botheration, regrets, home-sickness, future worries & similar dreaded words to a space called blogosphere where life has only one point of view & that is yours, completely & than amazing readings one comes across through, typical of its kind, equally interesting as a good book.

Life is b e a utiful.

50th post

1st anniversary

& an amazing love affair called My Galaxy..!