Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Flashback

This is a page from my last abandoned blog.Though recently we all had our experiences with the 1st interview of our lives, but mine was way back, a good 3 years before.

June 13, 2005

Clearing NMIMS’s written test was no great deal but the real challenge was their interview coz’ they were expert in it & for most of us it was our 1st interview. Mumma & I started at around 7 am in the morning on 13th June to catch a local to Vile Parle. Sitting in the local train made me feel even sleepier & by the time we reached the institute by 8 am I just wanted to sleep!

On reaching their I noticed some guys even wearing a knot tie that really made me laugh & feel that I need to take the interview a bit seriously.

At around 8:30 am Mumma wished me good luck & I proceeded for 2nd floor. There was a great Queue inside the fully air-conditioned class room & I joined in to register myself after which we seated ourselves in their by 9 am. The officials were busy completing formalities when the vice-chancellor of NMIMS Dr. N.M. Kondap, who I had seen in the brochure appeared & gave some good speech regarding the program ,the new facilities developing for MBA Tech students & reg our interviews .Then 5 groups of 4 students were called randomly to 5 different rooms but I was not among them so I had to wait. Soon other group was called & so on next 5 groups were called & I then was called in room no 10.What amazed me was that I was not at all feeling tensed unlike my previous experiences of presentation or my final viva. This made me feel further confident.
As I entered there was a sir & a madam. Sir asked me to introduce myself. Then they asked me various other questions general HR , latest developments around & others which( thank god ) I could answer all that too very well( I hope so).So finally at the end of day I could say that I had very well faced my first interview & I have enriched myself further with this experience and later clearing it seemed to have added another feather to my cap.

Wasn't I good then too..!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Short Break

The one person on Earth who definitely needs a vacation is one who just had one & that includes me..Though short, it was much needed as,i finally could watch this seasons' Malaysian GP ,couldn't watch Roger F loose, eating enormously, playing Holi (including a water dance..huh am improving),trying to finish my movies-to-watch wish list,finally absorb what all I have been through last few months & all geared up to explore newer things around (which could be assumed to be my PG plans) & update 'the dearest' .

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Déjà vu

Caution: The post is as boring as the title seems to be interesting.Read at your own risk.
Its a Special Month for my blog as it entered, College's Freespeech so does that mean my posts should be more regulated & i wont be writing what i want ...Definitely not. Its my Blog, very much inspired by Bon Jovi's "Its My Life" funda & especially when your life revolves only around a college & a hostel in front its hard not to acknowledge them.
Highly Inspired by the many "women oriented" movies i watched recently , not that i was high on my feminist side but it just happened by chance , & with International Womens Day coinciding i thought i finally have a chance to write something substantial here.So, while i was grueling my Grey cells about it in my classes( in fact am really amazed how i get all those good ideas during the crucial time of not falling head straight on the chair , in class & concentrating ) ,Sir himself made a remark i just couldn't avoid sharing:(my kinda PJ you see)
So we were trying to convince him that being a special day we definitely deserved a break, he gave his usual logic:
" Look students, unfortunately our Dean has not put up any notice regarding dress code abroad, so every one there can be found in their jeans or whatever, so they need a 'Women's Day' to distinguish & you understand its of no importance to you so forget about it..." hehe ... now don't blame me.
& yes i still remain fav of this tutor called "Life" (lucky me), its taught me the only special one in my life is "ME" & the 'Déjà vu' thing it was about my 1st yr seems to be repeating again as i again feel to be eligible for "the most terrible home-sickness case" of my college, leave aside the freshers.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


No, this is not any chapter from my Organizational Behavior class nor it has to do anything from any of the theories taught to me by the numerous self help books. So, read on. When orkut asked me about myself, I said “subject to change” & currently now there are just 2 words enough to describe me: Motivated & Confused. So, not focusing on later for my already high-on-goodness quotient blog’s goodness sake lemme carry on with MoTiVaTiOn.

So what does a 20 yr old need for motivation?

A huge failure, which hits you like some big rock you encounter while you were running with your greatest speed , as if you had your neighbor’s doggy behind you ! And you still manage to get up, all by your own, high spirits as you plan out how to convince the neighbors, they no longer need a pet. One of the life’s compulsory I suppose (& Earlier this failure-lesson, better you start understanding stuff like Paulo Coelho ...)


When your tones of hard as well as smart work, did manage to impress the lady luck to shower you the “wish granted – dreams fulfilled situation” which further fills in you a feel good, great going feeling. Every one has it, remember that 2nd standard 3 legged-race you won. Okey Forget it I am talking about a more serious stuff here.


A reason to do something like supportive parents, boy/gal friends (rarely though).I mean simply Aakanksha (= AMBITION) for the results, success involved or the mere greed behind it, I mean anything like money or the great life you dreamt with all those comforts(materialistic fellows), or to prove the guts in you to every one around.

Numerous such reasons & your own experiences, incidents , lessons life taught you through ,your mistakes, combined with a dream & the courage to follow your vision & ‘The World Is Yours'.