Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nostalgic Moments

I still remember.. how 4 years ago,sitting in the same place in front of my home PC I refreshed my then would-be College website(problematic thingy then!)..for admission & stuff.

4 years hence

Its the same place, the PC of course got changed & am refreshing my "Alma Matter's" website(problematic thingy still !)..for result & stuff..Alma Matter.. an amazing word which I am now officially allowed to use..I 'rigorously'(sarcasm intended :P) earned the right to use & with it a lot many things which have influenced the person sitting in front of this not so same-looking PC :)

The Nostalgic Flashback moments !

NH-11,Beautiful campus,Rural Rajasthan,Freshers & Ragging,First year & all those firsts,Seniors & stuff,Electronics Labs & those amazing looking components (which eventually proved to be a headache they could be),from short circuit to wrong circuits to you can never understand a simple circuit !!Comp Labs,Faculty Password,Cut-copy-paste,Net Lab,Proxy websites..Never-ending & sleepy Lectures,Attendance & proxies & get out of the class stories..sleepless just-a-day before exam night,Photostats & do-u-know the syllabus talks to all those electrons,holes & all about networking..the forced talks..

Hostel corridor & never ending phone calls,Truth & Dares,Crushes & tales & those never ending stories,Pyjama parties,Water fights,Cake fights & those wonderful instant Birthday Bashes..next fine morning..reaching the class & discovering it to be the assignment submission deadline,Surprise Quizzes ,Postponed & 'Surprise' Lab Vivas,Exam date sheets,so few Holi/Diwali breaks,Library Fine...College fests & organizing & celebrating.. Movie Exchange,Gtalk pinging to next-door friend..PG talks,CAT & GRE & similar serious sounding stuff,Pre-placement talks,Newspapers & Books,Placement times,from CV,formals,folders to midnight interviews,guiding juniors..from disappointments to partying & sharing it all with deary friends.. those last day countdowns to final Bid-adieu & everything intended & unintended in between !

Whew !!
The ever to be continued post..!

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Beginning

Don't ask me time,it keeps changing & so does life with its never ending uncertainties..

India gets the much deserved change & hence a refreshingly new,young dynamic government.And with the changes come the challenges & great expectations.Appreciating the US,months back for electing a high on hopes refreshingly new government,we never knew Indian Democracy too would be lucky enough to beam alive now like never before.

The Fractured Collision government almost being a passé now, the Indian National Congress definitely understood the need of the hour & the long back vision of our then President Abdul Kalam which now turns to reality with young brigade of politicians with profiles to look up to,joining the parliament.As Pranab Mukherjee and L K Advani led the newly-elected members of the 15th Lok Sabha today Indians definitely look forward to how it it will be dealing with the important issues like the economic revival,inclusive growth,terrorism etc besides several others.

Another achievement this time being that Lok Sabha gets its 1st dalit women speaker in Meira Kumar giving yet another positive message.. A lot to look forward to of course apart from the other unexpected happenings in the French Open,Archies Comics,Online CAT & life after graduation !