Tuesday, January 21, 2020

New year in the old blog

Unknowingly, I have got myself into the custom of starting the new year with a quick trek, thanks to the beautiful city Bangalore, or rather the beautiful outskirts of Bangalore. Unknowingly, I have also come to realize that there is a small push which makes me get outside the comfort of my soft blanket on a lovely weekend for a quick hike.

The push of trying to get a gasp of fresh air in the midst of this concrete jungle around, surrounded by the maddening and ever increasing honking of city traffic, while eyes glued to the greens of work namely Excel and Whatsapp. Unfortunately, the husband and friends were unavailable on the upcoming weekend, thanks to my spontenaiety, fuelled by the aforementioned push and hence this was to be my 1st solo trek. Hence, i log into the BMC website (as usual) and book for the easiest trek called Rayakottai.

I don't think i woke up this happy in the morning to start, that too on a weekend at 5:00 am. The moment you cross the obvious traffic hurdles aka toll gate / RTO check point, the quintessential beautiful countryside makes it all worth it :)


The scenery was totally instagram-worthy and the climb up was smoother than I anticipated. This maybe due to the fact that Rayakottai was once a fortess of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan (whom I grew up watching on a TV series, courtesy papa). Hence, we were hiking on the ruins of the fortess, another first of the kind.


The old structures in between the trees and bushes had a charm of its own. We rather climbed it pretty quickly in around 2 hours, while the hike down was even quicker.



Overall, a perfect getaway to increase the step counts and get a fresh breather from just another day. Looking forward to more such and bigger getaways and treks in this Year and wish the same to you :)