Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hostel Lyf.

To define in my own words it’s a must have at least-once-in-a-life-time experience. Fresh out of school ,you actually take your own responsibility completely atleast that’s what it did to me once a complete muma’s, shy gal- who s got a lot many learning experiences

~ those waking awake all the night during exams ~ empty hostel corridors which sometimes make you homesick & at times make you realize the importance of much needed solitude in your life ~ late night truth & dares & movies ~roomies~ misunderstandings ~ understandings~ caring ~ much awaited homecoming ~ packing bags & then again calling friends from home saying you miss them ~ midnite B day bashes ~ pyjama parties ~ in a way making innumerable memories.


  1. Hi.... you are too much.How do u think so deep inside u madam ????
    Give me some ways to do so ....
    U unravel everybodies thoughts which r smewhr inside everyone

  2. hii
    i thnk u hve voiced every body's opinion abt hostel lfe...it feels gr8 to be a part of it n everybody shld at least njoy it once!

  3. hi....
    ya hostel life is mast..bindas..
    and we all miss it

  4. Hey
    Good to see you back on to blogging!! :)
    The hostel life experience sounds great fun.. I dont ve it yet though... goood goin gal :)