Thursday, January 10, 2008

Caution:Turn Ahead

Another year,another semester taking me more towards being a complete engineer.Now,this spring sem seems to be quite usual as others (though its more chilled),it infact has some really life turning experiences ahead for me & I should add this goes to all of my colleagues around.With campus recruitments around the corner,almost everyone around seems to be on the move.Newspapers,Technical articles,English,Current Affairs,Aptitude,Attitude & whatever one could think as well as could not,infact this is how it should be.After all its not exactly your hard but smart work as well that defines the luck line.(This is how the saying goes,though I am more of Murphy's Laws and luck & destiny believer).
However,there are certain important things around which are worth preparing for before hand & that's the mental preparation of facing & accepting whatever the future has in store for you & keeping a belief in oneself no matter what, of course apart from keeping eyes wide open learning from the errors committed by you and others.That's because facing the unexpected may practically make some life turning decision making difficult & that's definitely not how a career begins.

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