Friday, February 8, 2008

The Great Conspiracy

I had the most tiring 2 days of my recent times and I had 2 most important achievements I never had before:
1.I got my very 1st job placement offer,with still 1 yr for my degree to go..!!
2.I believed in these lines ,the moment I read them(like most of the optimistic folks which we all are):-
"When you want something,the whole universe conspires
to help you achieve them... "
and now I know how exactly,the universe conspires,the coincidences & happenings actually make you feel this is how it had to & its how it is.Believe me,you believe it only when it happens to you.


  1. Ya I believe in this..whenever I think of something I start getting updates, news item or anything about that thing or person..or if I start thinking of my friend I normally get a call from him or her..It seems strange to believe but if I go by granger causality yes I will have to infer that aspirations granger cause there fulfillment..

  2. Truth at times may get stranger than fiction !