Wednesday, February 20, 2008

(No)stalgic already ?

Confessions first: I read it in some blog, & couldn’t resist copying it –“My future seems as clear as climax of any art movie, you actually have to ask has it ended?? ” very true indeed.

Barely a week, I got my 1st job placement (sounds so good) and I already feel such a grown up, off course nothing has changed, & I all the same find myself as blurred as I was regarding where I am heading forward to. I still struggle with my classes, labs, getting up in morning & blah blah. However, I can actually sense how serious this outside real stuff can be. 35% of my engineering still remains (approx.) & I now know the meaning of the forward I received long back in 1st year titled “4 year holiday called engineering” (too sarcastic to handle isn’t it..!!) and after that its all a professional corporate world, ready to swoop as of what it appears from here & here I am still too excited to move on & get out of this place. The numerous hearings I hear about people fretting -leaving college, farewells, nostalgia, missing hostel & all seems at least understandable to me but hold on I still will be the happiest person to move out of here..

Just cant help.


  1. You are now at a period which can be called extended honeymoon. You know that you have got it but you still have to get it. You can make plans to work but you still have to work the plans. Its not over untill still over. Keep focussed !!!!

    (Sorry heavy posting huh...

  2. Yes Sir,I too realized that this is the time for value addition & to make many important life changing decisions, so I better be motivated & keep the spirits high and your comments & heavy posts do help in moving on this way.Thankx.. :)