Saturday, March 8, 2008

Déjà vu

Caution: The post is as boring as the title seems to be interesting.Read at your own risk.
Its a Special Month for my blog as it entered, College's Freespeech so does that mean my posts should be more regulated & i wont be writing what i want ...Definitely not. Its my Blog, very much inspired by Bon Jovi's "Its My Life" funda & especially when your life revolves only around a college & a hostel in front its hard not to acknowledge them.
Highly Inspired by the many "women oriented" movies i watched recently , not that i was high on my feminist side but it just happened by chance , & with International Womens Day coinciding i thought i finally have a chance to write something substantial here.So, while i was grueling my Grey cells about it in my classes( in fact am really amazed how i get all those good ideas during the crucial time of not falling head straight on the chair , in class & concentrating ) ,Sir himself made a remark i just couldn't avoid sharing:(my kinda PJ you see)
So we were trying to convince him that being a special day we definitely deserved a break, he gave his usual logic:
" Look students, unfortunately our Dean has not put up any notice regarding dress code abroad, so every one there can be found in their jeans or whatever, so they need a 'Women's Day' to distinguish & you understand its of no importance to you so forget about it..." hehe ... now don't blame me.
& yes i still remain fav of this tutor called "Life" (lucky me), its taught me the only special one in my life is "ME" & the 'Déjà vu' thing it was about my 1st yr seems to be repeating again as i again feel to be eligible for "the most terrible home-sickness case" of my college, leave aside the freshers.


  1. first of all a wish you a very happy womens day...secondly you are a good writer...and last but not the least congrats for your some of your posts just now...i've a confusion, r u frm mumbai, somewhere in rajasthan or delhi?

  2. Thanks ^ 3 & yeah place is at Rajasthan .

  3. Deja Vu is also a state of boring familiarity or repetitiveness - your post was in absolute harmony with the title!

    Jokes aside, you should be more serious regarding your writing.Not content-wise, just the way you use the medium.

  4. Thank You sir..!!
    Definitely ,will try to make it serious.

  5. hi galaxian,
    i guess today was ur infy.
    so all the best for ur test.