Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Flashback

This is a page from my last abandoned blog.Though recently we all had our experiences with the 1st interview of our lives, but mine was way back, a good 3 years before.

June 13, 2005

Clearing NMIMS’s written test was no great deal but the real challenge was their interview coz’ they were expert in it & for most of us it was our 1st interview. Mumma & I started at around 7 am in the morning on 13th June to catch a local to Vile Parle. Sitting in the local train made me feel even sleepier & by the time we reached the institute by 8 am I just wanted to sleep!

On reaching their I noticed some guys even wearing a knot tie that really made me laugh & feel that I need to take the interview a bit seriously.

At around 8:30 am Mumma wished me good luck & I proceeded for 2nd floor. There was a great Queue inside the fully air-conditioned class room & I joined in to register myself after which we seated ourselves in their by 9 am. The officials were busy completing formalities when the vice-chancellor of NMIMS Dr. N.M. Kondap, who I had seen in the brochure appeared & gave some good speech regarding the program ,the new facilities developing for MBA Tech students & reg our interviews .Then 5 groups of 4 students were called randomly to 5 different rooms but I was not among them so I had to wait. Soon other group was called & so on next 5 groups were called & I then was called in room no 10.What amazed me was that I was not at all feeling tensed unlike my previous experiences of presentation or my final viva. This made me feel further confident.
As I entered there was a sir & a madam. Sir asked me to introduce myself. Then they asked me various other questions general HR , latest developments around & others which( thank god ) I could answer all that too very well( I hope so).So finally at the end of day I could say that I had very well faced my first interview & I have enriched myself further with this experience and later clearing it seemed to have added another feather to my cap.

Wasn't I good then too..!!

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