Friday, April 4, 2008

I can never run out of a title.

So the last two posts clearly show I have been kinda treating my blog as if it’s some subject assignment forcibly given & am completing it just for the sake of formality so that I don’t slip into the category of i-am-too-busy-to-blog.As a matter of fact, i am surrounded by many assignments right now, blame it all to the wrong side of a semester.Though, lotsa events kept happening which could be said as “The Blog Material “& laughed about like (to be precise)

* discovering a great friend in an old friend, which believe me happens to be one of the sweetest experiences of life, creating that feel good factor very unlike finding a relationship with a stranger but some one you already know well, just a turn of time (or maybe that million dollar fortune I won last week is no more a secret..!)

*getting caught by the HOD as I tried to get out of the class that too a locked one in an unconventional way, through window to add and its consequences for those inexperienced people who were never that lucky to have such amazing memory to cherish.(sarcasm is my long left virtue)

*how the attendant almost spoiled my plans of going back home again by the same train after the Holi breaks when he woke me up remarking we are almost in the city.Now, I do sleep a lot while traveling but this was extreme.

* getting addicted as if life consists of only 2 things.
Reading as in the 2 books on my shelf: 1.The Kite Runner 2.The Housekeeper ,reading an ebook, -The Fountainhead,reading the noticeboard, reading people's mind, reading in the class when you aren't supposed, reading blogs & more blogs and no prize for guessing that if i am not reading, there is definitely some movie playing on, addiction number 2.

* enjoying a rainy day in the month of april !! in this desert!! ,with everything around turning as scenic as what could be anyone's desktop wallpaper ,campus & the desert behind my hostel looked so fresh & clean & the cool breeze so much like making you feel like being in Marine Drive, & cozy bed with an interesting novel & coffee around but story changed a bit & i ended up attending my scheduled classes realizing Global warming & the complete issue about the weather change is the only truth.

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  1. good to read that....
    i recommend u to start reading HINDU...
    parallel to TOI...