Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Its Okey !

Excerpts from Luke Kenny's Interview (& agreed upon by me)

Its all right to

~Listen to any kind of music and not have to worry about peers and their choices. All those people who ever told you, ‘Ooh you listen to death metal, or Metallica, or Mohammed Rafi...’, just tell them to shut up!
~Never ever think about what others are thinking about you! It’s okay to be a fashion victim and not worry about it.
~Have a crush on anybody and everybody all the time.
~What you want to be. It’s okay to be a fashion designer and not an engineer even if you have an engineer’s degree!

(added by me)

~Be confused at times, it only means you are considering in all the possibilities, don't worry about the time it takes, its all of your life.
~Be afraid , after all courage is not about being fearless but overcoming your fears.
~Accept the imperfections in your life, that's what makes us all human.
~ Follow your heart, even if it makes no sense to people around.(as in blog about anything..!)


  1. Hey!great advices!....forget about Luke carry's,i guess, your ideas reflect greater wisdom!