Saturday, November 22, 2008

Smile :)

A Smile can turn you beautiful,
so what is it that made you beautiful today ?

(with no specific order)

~ A phone call from a long lost friend.
~ Words of appreciation from your parents, the golden 'am-really-proud-of-you' words.
~ A really good movie with some great company.
~ A beautiful, bright shooting star at hostel terrace, with friends, on a dark night, all spotting it together..!
~ Mocking about the screwed college rules with pals.
~ Watching the Sea-side sunset on a 'finally-here-comes-my-weekend' Saturday evening (would even do if your neighbor's terrace replaces the Sea though !!)
~ Finally accepting the deadlock & all conclusions & smiling after a big long fight.
~ Making someone know that they look good when they actually seem good..(hain !?!Is that you.. ;)
~ Good Food at hostel mess..(naah..this one is thoda less probable though)
~ Finishing-off a half read good popular that you can later boast..arey you didn't read it yet.
~ Getting a comment on your post from a silent reader of your blog :)

& who says you need a reason to smile..people around me have taught me to smile even at all the wrong times.. :D

Keep Smiling..!!

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