Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nostalgic Moments

I still remember.. how 4 years ago,sitting in the same place in front of my home PC I refreshed my then would-be College website(problematic thingy then!)..for admission & stuff.

4 years hence

Its the same place, the PC of course got changed & am refreshing my "Alma Matter's" website(problematic thingy still !)..for result & stuff..Alma Matter.. an amazing word which I am now officially allowed to use..I 'rigorously'(sarcasm intended :P) earned the right to use & with it a lot many things which have influenced the person sitting in front of this not so same-looking PC :)

The Nostalgic Flashback moments !

NH-11,Beautiful campus,Rural Rajasthan,Freshers & Ragging,First year & all those firsts,Seniors & stuff,Electronics Labs & those amazing looking components (which eventually proved to be a headache they could be),from short circuit to wrong circuits to you can never understand a simple circuit !!Comp Labs,Faculty Password,Cut-copy-paste,Net Lab,Proxy websites..Never-ending & sleepy Lectures,Attendance & proxies & get out of the class stories..sleepless just-a-day before exam night,Photostats & do-u-know the syllabus talks to all those electrons,holes & all about networking..the forced talks..

Hostel corridor & never ending phone calls,Truth & Dares,Crushes & tales & those never ending stories,Pyjama parties,Water fights,Cake fights & those wonderful instant Birthday Bashes..next fine morning..reaching the class & discovering it to be the assignment submission deadline,Surprise Quizzes ,Postponed & 'Surprise' Lab Vivas,Exam date sheets,so few Holi/Diwali breaks,Library Fine...College fests & organizing & celebrating.. Movie Exchange,Gtalk pinging to next-door friend..PG talks,CAT & GRE & similar serious sounding stuff,Pre-placement talks,Newspapers & Books,Placement times,from CV,formals,folders to midnight interviews,guiding juniors..from disappointments to partying & sharing it all with deary friends.. those last day countdowns to final Bid-adieu & everything intended & unintended in between !

Whew !!
The ever to be continued post..!