Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Life..Live it !

Things are improving.Time does that.

I no longer need to log on to Wikimapia every time I hear about some landmark in Kolkata & calculate the distance & time to reach it.
I now understand the tricks & tips of waiting in the long shared auto line & have more excuses of reaching office late than I could ever think of while bunking lectures at college !
I think & plan less about how to run away from this city.
(I actually have a plan for it now to work upon)
I & people around me have more confidence in my culinary skills now.
I can actually understand all those alien-language-codes you we see while installing somethings.
I exit things which make me feel bad.
I click things if I like them even a little (Things Only !! :P)

This is the view outta my office window,that's where I stay mostly these days.. outta 'My Windows' :P

My 1st ever rented room's terrace Garden :)

My landlord's Meow,posing for me :D

The Calcutta Sunset during my Office break :)

I am proving myself to be a perfect hopeless optimist !


  1. i know it's late but, wow, beautifully captured moments n words too.

  2. Thanks ! & naah its never late to leave a comment :)
    TC !

  3. Ohhh! :O <2hrs> continues since this day! :P Kewl...