Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home Coming

Sun peeps into the window as I wake up after a peaceful, beautiful sleep I had since ages (considering it takes Sun a lot more time to peep in among the high rises around & it is well past 10 am :P ) & a look outta the window finds me noticing another of those new construct rising up which was supposedly not there the last time & I find mum announcing a yummy breakfast already awaiting me as I smell heaven around & I know the day has already started as sis starts pestering about that promised movie trip & so do all the discussions ranging from my newly learnt recipe & how I need to unlearn it, new year resolutions, shopping talks & plans & plans :)

Nothing beats Home Coming !


  1. :)..thumbs up to all that feeling..good good...and a happy and "Smiling" coming new year

  2. Wish you a great New Year too !
    Smiles :)