Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Office Diary

The system clock displayed 4:59 PM.It is already turning dark outside & still 1 hour to go back.Checked my Gmail inbox, the mail count didn't seem to increase much today,confirming a boring day.The office inbox as usual active(unwanted & undoubtedly making the day boring).Pagalguy still full of discussions about everything & anything from online to paper-based CAT,useful & useless arguments & blah-blah which maketh me glued to it,as I find myself minimizing & restoring the application window & codes running at the background,& a nearby group loud enough to bring me back occasionally to my workplace(okay..the word is some real discussion as I found everyone around busy & actually working & not pretending).

& I just realize, November just disappeared(even in the blog) as I complete 3 months in this now not new city but then hardly there is a thing which has changed..of course apart from the fact that my observations of the Bengalis has increased drastically & dramatically(to add).In the last few months I have recalled almost all the Bengalis I have encountered previously,right from the 5th class sweet Roy crush in Mumbai,a class teacher in school at Indore,the neighbour Ghosh uncle back home,not forgetting all my Bengali friends in college & of course, the famous Saurav Ganguly.I have found & seen all of their 'Look-alikes' here at kolkata, at office to be more precise (how else do you expect me to pass time at work).The experiments with cooking which had taken a halt, excuse being the CAT prep is back as it seems a better considerable option,after looking at my this year's CAT performance(more importantly comparing it with last year !) & so have my experiments with the street food outside office,specially inspired by the scene of my Manager enjoying the Pakoras at the jalebi stall..the last thing to be found outside the MNC buildings :

1. The 1st para..I wrote in office & the 2nd my room, listening to Sweet Child of mine & hence the difference & an end with no conclusion, if you could manage !
2.While having a usual mid-office stroll outside office,with a friend after our jalebi session ~
Me:Why do they have so many Ambassadors here in Kolkata?
Spandy(a friend):Hmm..May be coz it is backward.
Me:Ah..they have fiats in Mumbai..the old Mumbai Royal know.
No doubt britishers landed the wrong side & I talk about poor me !


  1. good one.... keep posting.... i want to know more about kolkata .... may be i will settle there after a while...

  2. May be I shouldn't write about Kolkata soo much that it inspires 'people' to settle here !