Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A short Affair

This so sums up my 3 year stint with CAT :

There are definitely better things in life to fall for.I ain't so naive now as I was 3 years back.Time Changes, People Change, & blah & blah & all that list with you it changes, so why not CAT ! Let it be.

PS: (yea I soo like PSes specially when the actual write up contains nothing :P)
1. Validity of the Post is only till this Jan, the results might change the opinion expressed above.
2. I now know the difference between CAT & MBA !
3. All geared up for the SSS (Super Six Sundays)  !! Updates wanted/unwanted would follow soon.


  1. :) ... i am not sure about people change (seeing you)... :)

  2. Thanks for the comments :)
    B'ful Blog Khushboo !

  3. That was some humour ... wish you all the best for the Billi...
    hope you and all my MBA aspirant friends tie the bell in the neck of the Billi...!!

  4. All the very Best... :))