Monday, March 28, 2011

As the game goes on..

I was absolutely wrong in my previous post when the world cup had just started, but don't you sometimes just think a wrong thing happens though you wish it happens the other way round ? I know, so opposite to the law of attraction made popular by The Secret.  but it does happen.Coming back to the point, when the World Cup started & how I assumed things & blamed the Oz for making the WC really boring by turning out to be a winner every time ! & look now  ! when the game has moved on to the Semi Finals with the last 4 best teams (or really ?) remaining to compete without the 3 time defending champions.

Moreover, the epic India v/s Pakistan Semi-final has been something which has taken this world cup to the new heights.It is like a dream game for the cricketing fans of the 2 nations known for their rivalry since independence on different battle grounds.Sentiments are at their highest.I mean corporates declaring a day off, half-days, & work from home for their employees, are we really talking about just a sport here ?!? There are big screens being put up in cafes, restaurants & every where around ! The tickets being sold at the record-breaking prices of upto a lakh. As the country drenches itself in the festive mode, while the Pak PM accepts his Indian counterpart's  invitation to watch the match at Mohali & cyberspace buzzes with the predictions, cartoons, mockery, fun & what not, it definitely is a highly-awaited national event.Let the records be broken & the winner comes out at its best !

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  1. And We own this too as we had it in lst 4 battles ! :))