Sunday, May 15, 2011

High Up

So Blogger is back to work after 2 bad days & so is my Internet connection which has now officially joined my basic 'roti kapda & makaan' amenities list (lucky me to write that..given there are so many who have to struggle for the basic ones too)

Quoted :
if you are reading this you are lucky enough to have an ipod or computer or lap top but there are some kids out there who doesnt even have one meal a daybe thankful for what you have. 

& here I sit sleepless thankfully to the 1st stupidest horror movie I watched today.No doubt, I knew such flicks are stupid but damn me ! I had to experiment it once & the last it is.(Lol at my exaggeration best today ! )

However, there is one more reason for the nation to be sleepless & that can very well be the steepest Petrol Hike in our history & what could be worse then the fact that this game though being played by our so-called Politicians since long will just speed up for the bad of the common man.It is just Petrol prices as of now but shocks are yet to come in the other areas namely Cooking Gas, Kerosene oil & other oil products.

The long overdue reforms in the Oil Sector will now in turn show the bad consequences (thanks to the bad poltics), when consumers, the aam aadmi will start facing such hikes more steeply as if the inflation rates were not already worrisome.Of course, the govt waited for the auspicious after-poll-result-declaration planning like any smart businessman & couldn't delay the hikes any further even when the banks recently raised there lending rates, milk prices saw an increase all over the country & many similar rises being reported almost at the same time.And, this is not just about any ruling party.Coalition or not, things in our country now run this way & it seems like we Indians have already adjusted to it, sadly like everything else as the Petrol Pumps get crowded the day before the price-hike-day !

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