Sunday, July 31, 2011


The previous post couldn't be more misleading.With 8 days away from GMAT & almost 1.5 months still away from my next home visit after months, the word vacation seems nowhere near.

This was what I found in my draft when I logged in today. Things have changed since then (except the vacation part!)

Test Day is a month away, yet again.I decided I can push my scores further up by giving more to verbal.From my experience with the GMAT or rather the GMAT 'preparation' till now, I think it is always better to be confident that there is nothing more you can give from your end to your score & then face the exam then to take any chance.Of course, this advice is for people like me, who believe more on target specific preparation (I took a GMAT date first before starting my preparations).Moreover, the fact that CAT this year tends to be more like that of GMAT - pattern helped me decide the same & even made me decide to give another chance to this so-assumed luck game.

Anyway, the game begins all over again with raised expectations & target & hopefully for good.

Meanwhile, a nice, can-totally-relate-to poem from a blog related to GMAT prep I have been following :


  1. Haahahhaa...
    Sorry but this laugh is not on you but your situation...
    and THE FARHAN STYLE poetry didn't help as well.... ROFL...

    by the way...
    All the best wishes again...

  2. Hehe..test is weird and funny.. like life :)
    Thanks again btw!! :D

  3. Will gmat is still valid in today it is depend upon the situation?

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