Wednesday, August 31, 2011

& I thought strategies are taught only in B-Schools!

In any B-School Interview, one of the most asked question remains "Why MBA?" Interestingly enough, as it seems even the interviewers, on the other side of the panel would like to know the same! coz' management seems more to be of when & how to apply common sense than anything else, at least this is what as it seems sitting on the other side & watching people around apply their so-called fundas!
Well, even the little Calvin seems to have a lot of 'gyan' but in his own simpler terms :

How to eliminate competition ?

Right strategy! What & when ?

Effective Communication - Knowing when to speak & when to shut up ?!
& many more!!

P.S. Try googling "MBA is" & lol, here is what you get :

P.S.S I still have better reasons to do an MBA :D

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