Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reconnecting People

So nothing lasts forever.Neither highs nor the lows.However getting up from its recent low seems to be a little difficult for Nokia.Or does it?

From being  world's largest smartphone maker in 2010 to everyone talking about its downfall after its Q2 results in July this year (when it suffered an operating loss of €487m!), it was a big roller coaster ride for this Finnish firm & its rides continues(in the direction it hopes to of course) as the CEO Stephen Elop announced the beginning of the windows phase era for Nokia this October with Nokia Lumia 800 being on everyone's next-to-look-for radar.

Thanks to its biggest rival Apple which taught it a lesson on the importance of marketing, the company's Marketing Strategy has seen a complete makeover which now includes more focus on Digital & Social Media.So here we have the new  Nokia,which this time believed in creating a market for its product first before the product launch.

Charmaine Eggberry, Nokia’s senior vice-president of marketing focuses on Wow - Ways of Working which is about creating a market based on a particular local needs, empowering the local marketing team while keeping true the brand principles alive. A concept I could really relate to when I visited a local famous market at Udaipur in September & I saw Nokia’s Dual Sim Phone being flashed on an elephant with a drum blowing along.Trust me that was the first time I got to know about that particular handset!

Another concept it is banking upon is the Revamping of its stores towards being more customer friendly & interactive all throughout the Globe as it prepared for the launch of the Lumia 800 worldwide.As the experts say it definitely is focusing on the retail part of the advertising this way.The 'Connecting people' slogan finds a literal significance here as Nokia focuses more on building focus on the youth, useful specially in growing countries like India where the under 25 age group bracket provides a great opportunity, something its rivals like Motorola & Apple have long back taken care of.

Overall,with a move to bring back its lost shining position number one, Nokia has its eye fixed on the response Lumia gets as it looks forwards to a brighter new year.


  1. For me, its more than just marketing. Its about innovating in a fast-moving industry and not resting on one's laurels.

    Nokia's strength is hardware design (rugged and tough) but they really fall short with the software. Their feature phones (low-cost, low-margin) have a decent software Symbian which cannot be ported to smartphones. They tried a lot with Maemo and some other ugly names after the introduction to the iPhone. But in the end, they had to partner with another tech giant for their software requirements- Microsoft.

    And now there is talk that all phones in this world will eventually become smartphones, Nokia might need to rethink their phone designs for the emerging markets, where the market is still ripe to sell a lot of handsets.

    Looking back at the clunky smartphones that Nokia came up with in the pre-iPhone days shows no vision at the company's top. Some of my college-mates work at Nokia Research. They worked on some pretty cool stuff, but the management totally ignored them. Hope all this will change now. Thats my 'Asha' (couldn't help insert a Nokia pun :)

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment bro that was pretty insightful.Sticking to Symbian was indeed what left Nokia behind & it really is sad to know about the lack of vision at the top as from your college-mate's experience but the consequences of the Microsoft-Nokia deal are really to look forward to :)
    Thanks again for dropping by! :D

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