Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You call that a game?

Watched "The Hunger Games" this weekend.

Would have never watched it at home or after reading about its plot, but went ahead to watch it, as friends planned it just 30 mins before the movie & I couldn't even have a glimpse of its wiki, though after the movie, as it turned out, it was okayish & not as bad as I had expected it.

Not a really good concept, Hunger Games, which are played or rather fought between 12 different districts, with 2 representatives from each - a girl & a boy where at the end, there is just 1 winner after the rest 23 are killed! The worst part being they are all just 16 year olds!

Till the Interval, things looked okay as the plot carried on with the emotions of how the selected tributes as they were called, felt as they traveled for the games arena & their complete, being treated real good before being sacrificed & all. Was hoping things to turn real bad after the interval, but the movie was directed really well, taking care of the weak-hearted too.

In some way it represented the cut-throat competition (literally in this case), when the games actually started. How one's courage & confidence can defy the norms & can even make the organizers bend a rule or makes a winner even after he/she had been deprived of the facilities the more favored districts had from the beginning.

Infact, really appreciate the quote by the autocratic ruler of the game - where he says how Hope is more powerful than fear, when he was referring to why they have 1 winner at all - something like that.
My Take - Watch it once

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