Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Eyes wide open

Great! So of the 90 24hrs free which my MBA and would-be job decide to gift me, I chose this 3amish 11th hour to wonder, how come I never had a blogger app!! Well it definitely took a lot of sacrificing from that part of my life which is screaming me to google the cheat sheet for the 377th level of candy crush! Oh yea that's some show off, even if you ever even started the game and got stuck even at the first level. On your face!

So coming back to the blog app, it has some serious bad reviews which only my I-doubt-any remaining blog readers can agree with. I just had this sudden craving to write, which as you see I have addressed like crazy after immense wait from the deary brainy to finally stop uttering the MBA non sense and get back to some original copy paste! Talk about Oxymorons! Gosh how I loved this word while learning and preparing about it pre MBA when the life was simpler and on the right side of twenty s. Post MBA, its definitely not right and it's not the wrong side of twenty to blame about.

So what's exactly not right? Well, missing my engineering college, 2nd yr hostel room, where I would be at peace with this whole universe not having the slightest idea that 7 yrs later, this would be the only moment I could think of going back. That's not right. Or maybe that's the only right. Cheers to whoever said confusions are good! You must have been either drunk as hell like those after party MBA junta or out on some crazy 3am ish writing spree which you yourself would have never read again! And did I not say confusions are contagious, not to other people, just to your other thoughts! They creep in in even smallest of the decisions which the non sense MBA brainy can take hours about.whatever the case be and whether or not all this just made any sense, loved writing after like centuries.

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