Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Life Modelling

Just Realized. Life is so-like those stupid strategy models I used to build for my MBA Assignments. It's like a blank slide in the beginning.

So here's the quick recipe:

1. Start with some initial Googling akin to the real time experience which one keeps gaining all throughout,

2. Decide your parameters,

3. Weigh in the priorities

4. Put in the constraints

5. Tweak a little bit

6. Get Stuck at some point but hell yea move along with some further tweaking ;) &

 woah! keep modelling it along before you reach your next milestone. Of course, do make sure, that one doesn't get stuck in the same old parameters along the timeline.

The best part of the model being it is forward looking & all you need to do is just that - look forward

It definitely looks like a great year ahead. Happy New Year :)

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